After a pivotal period in Ukraine, US officials predict the war’s path

Written by Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt and Julian E. Barnes When Russia shifted its military campaign to focus on eastern Ukraine this spring, senior officials in the Biden administration said the next four to six weeks of fighting would determine the war’s eventual path. That time has passed, and officials say the picture is clear: … Read more

Russian Forces Advance In Eastern Territory Ahead of EU Summit On Ukraine

Luhansk regional governor said that a Russian attack on Toshkivka “had a degree of success”. Kyiv: Russian forces captured territory along a frontline river in eastern Ukraine on Monday, and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy predicted Moscow would escalate attacks ahead of a summit of European leaders expected to welcome Kyiv’s bid to join the EU. Moscow’s … Read more

Leaders pledge arms and EU path for Ukraine in Kyiv visit

Associated Press Kyiv The leaders of four European Union nations visited Ukraine on Thursday, vowing to back Kyiv’s bid to become an official candidate to join the bloc in a high-profile show of support for the country fending off aRussian invasion. French President Emmanuel Macron also promised Ukraine six more powerful truck-mounted artillery guns, the … Read more

In Ukraine, One Minority Group Is Ambivalent About the War

Beneath dark clouds unleashing a summer rain, officials in a southwestern Ukrainian border village gathered silently, slowly hanging wreaths on branches to commemorate the destruction of a nation. The writings were not decorated with the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag; They were laced, instead, with the red, white and green of Hungary’s. And … Read more

How US Is Ensuring Russia Cannot Hide Ukraine News From Its Citizens

Russia-Ukraine War: The financing effort is focused on three firms that build Virtual Private Networks. London: The US government has pushed new, increased funding into three technology companies since the start of the Ukraine conflict to help Russians sidestep censors and access Western media, according to five people familiar with the situation. The financing effort … Read more

EU bought 61% of Russia’s fossil fuels in first 100 days of Ukraine war

NEW DELHI: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since late February has pushed up energy prices to record highs and tightened global supplies. With an increased number of sanctions on Russia imposed by some of the major importers of the world, countries are struggling to arrange for sufficient supplies of fossil fuels. However, despite the West’s attempt … Read more

Momentum in Ukraine is shifting in Russia’s favour

A war in Ukraine that began with a Russian debacle as its forces tried and failed to take Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, has seemingly begun to turn, with Russia now picking off regional targets, Ukraine lacking the weaponry it needs, and Western support for the war effort fraying in the face of rising gas prices and … Read more

Ukraine: Russia said to be using more deadly weapons in war

Ukrainian and British officials warned Saturday that Russian forces are relying on weapons able to cause mass consequences as they try to make headway in eastern capturing Ukraine and fierce, prolonged fighting depletes resources on both sides. Russian bombers have likely been launching heavy 1960s-era anti-ship missiles in Ukraine, the UK Defense Ministry said. The … Read more

The Ukraine conflict has raked up old dilemmas

Energy is at the nub of every politician’s deepest dilemmas. For it requires them to tread a careful path between the immediate demands of their constituents for affordable, secure, and accessible energy and the longer-term imperatives of economic growth and sustainable development. The Ukrainian conflict has deepened this dilemma. The conflict has triggered a radical … Read more

As battles rage, Ukraine rejects Macron plea not to ‘humiliate’ Russia

Written by Andrew E. Kramer and Jason Horowitz As Ukrainian troops tried to claw back territory and stave off a blistering Russian assault along the country’s embattled eastern front, the government Saturday sought also to repel a demand earlier in the day by President Emmanuel Macron of France that Moscow not be humiliated to improve … Read more