ukraine: Explainer: How the war in Ukraine is fueling a global food crisis

NEW DELHI: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February has increased the outlook for already inflated global food prices, especially affecting Africa and developing countries like India. The halt in Ukrainian exports following the conflict has pushed the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) food price index, which tracks international prices of the most globally traded … Read more

ukraine: Russian wins in eastern Ukraine spark debate over course of war

Russian troops are making steady progress in Ukraine’s east on the back of more-concentrated artillery and air power, now controlling almost all of the Luhansk region and threatening to encircle thousands of Ukraine’s most experienced troops. That is sparking fears that Russia could be poised for bigger breakthrough, and leading to a panicked calls from … Read more

Russia squeezes Ukrainian strongholds in east

Officials renew appeals for more sophisticated Western weaponry Kramatorsk (Ukraine): Russia-backed separatists claimed they captured a railway hub city in eastern Ukraine as Moscow’s forces pushed to gain more ground on Friday by pounding another Ukrainian-held area where authorities say 1,500 people have died since beginning of the war. With Russia’s offensive in Ukraine’s industrial … Read more

Explained in 10 points: How Russia-Ukraine conflict unfolded in last 3 months

NEW DELHI: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has entered its fourth month today with Kremlin preparing for a long conflict to achieve its goals In the last three months, Ukraine has managed to put up a stiff resistance — with Western help — to push back the offensive, which is now largely restricted to the eastern … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: A recap of the third month of Putin’s invasion

The fall of Mariupol, the battle for Kharkiv, the shifting of focus to Donbas and the impending expansion of Nato membership — much has happened in the third month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since the Russian troops first set foot in Ukraine’s towns and cities on February 24, the war initiated by Russian … Read more

Stepan Bandera: Ukrainian hero or Nazi collaborator?

“Bandera is our father, Ukraine is the mother. We will fight for Ukraine!” sings a young woman in camouflage uniform, carrying a machine gun, in a video that Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol shared on social networks in early May. The video seems to have been recorded in a bunker at the Azovstal Steelworks, the city’s … Read more

Why some young Swedes remain uneasy about joining NATO

“The best thing for the security of Sweden and the people is to join NATO,” said Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, as she formally confirmed Stockholm’s intention to join the world’s largest military alliance earlier this week. Her announcement heralds the end of Sweden’s 200 years of military neutrality — a security policy the Nordic … Read more

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy opens Cannes Film Festival, asks filmmakers to dictators

The 75th Cannes Film kicked off Tuesday with an eye turned into Russia’s war in Ukraine and a live satellite video address from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who called on a new generation of filmmakers to confront dictators as Charlie Chaplin satirized Adolf Hitler. After tributes and musical numbers, Zelenskyy was streamed live for the … Read more

Hundreds Of Ukrainian Troops Surrender In Mariupol Steel Plant: Russia

Ukraine war: Moscow claimed control of strategic port city Mariupol last month after a weeks-long siege. Kyiv: Russia said Tuesday that 265 Ukrainian soldiers had surrendered after staging a last stand at the besieged Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol, prompting Kyiv to call for a prisoner exchange. Moscow claimed control of the strategic port city last … Read more

Ukraine mounts effort to rescue last fighters at steel mill

Efforts were underway Tuesday to rescue the last of the defenders inside the Azovstal steel plant in the ruined city of Mariupol after Ukrainian officials said the fighters had “completed their mission” and there was no way to free the plant by military means. The Ukrainian military avoided using the term “surrender” to describe the … Read more