Supreme Court 2002 riots order: BJP says not poll issue, but ‘moral victory’ set to boost party

On September 12, 2011, when the Supreme Court had sent the complaint filed by Zakia Jafri against then chief minister Narendra Modi and 62 others back to the Metropolitan Magistrate’s court in Ahmedabad without issuing directions, Modi had tweeted “God is Great”. A few days later, on his 62nd birthday, he launched the ‘Sadbhavna’ fasts, … Read more

‘It always wins’: North Korea may declare Covid-19 victory

According to state media, North Korea has avoided the mass deaths expected in a nation With one of the world’s worst health care systems, little or no access to vaccines, and what outsiders see as a long record of ignoring the suffering of its people. Daily updates from official media make it appear inevitable that … Read more

Russian pullback seen near Kharkiv, despite victory day push for gains

Russia’s push to give its president a showcase victory in Ukraine appeared to face a new setback Saturday, as Ukrainian defenders pushed the invaders back toward the northeast border and away from the city of Kharkiv, with the Russians blowing up bridges behind them. With less than 48 hours before Russian President Vladimir aimed at … Read more

Explained: Who are the Sinn Féin, and why their victory in Northern Ireland could mark a historic change in the region’s politics

Voters in Northern Ireland were voting on Thursday (May 5) in an election that could potentially mark a turning point in the region’s history. Opinion polls ahead of the elections predicted that Sinn Féin would win the majority of seats in the 90-member Northern Ireland Assembly and secure the post of first minister (who is … Read more

As Victory day looms in Russia, guesswork grows over Putin’s Ukraine goals

With the Russian military still struggling, Western officials and Ukraine’s traumatized residents are looking with increased alarm to Russia’s Victory Day holiday on May 9 — a celebration of the Soviet triumph over Nazi Germany — that President Vladimir Putin may exploit as a grandiose stage to intensify attacks and mobilize his citizenry for all-out … Read more

Ukraine war top developments: Putin claims victory in Mariupol, Biden unveils new $800 million aid package

Nearly two months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin declared the port of Mariupol “liberated”, despite hundreds of defenders still holding out inside a giant steel works. In a televised meeting with his defense minister inside the Kremlin, Putin said there was no need for a final confrontation with the last defenders who … Read more