After a pivotal period in Ukraine, US officials predict the war’s path

Written by Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt and Julian E. Barnes When Russia shifted its military campaign to focus on eastern Ukraine this spring, senior officials in the Biden administration said the next four to six weeks of fighting would determine the war’s eventual path. That time has passed, and officials say the picture is clear: … Read more

A doomed river crossing shows the perils of entrapment in the war’s east

Written by Andrew E. Kramer Out on the riverbank, the scene of mayhem unfolded under a baking spring sun: blown-up tanks, the detritus of pontoon bridges, heaps of branches shorn off bys and the explosions of Russian soldiers, some half-buried in the mud. In the forest, a short walk revealed bits of torn Russian military … Read more

Ukraine war’s economic toll is testing the west’s unity against Russia

The West united against Russia’s war on Ukraine more swiftly and solidly than almost anyone had expected. But as the war settles into a prolonged conflict, one that could rumble on for months or even years, it is testing the resolve of Western countries, with European and US officials questioning the rising economic toll will … Read more

Ukraine war’s geographic reality: Russia has seized much of the East

Russia’s 3-month-old invasion of nearly Ukraine has been punctu by flawed planning, poor intelligence, barbarity and wanton destruction. But obscured in the daily fighting is the geographic reality that Russia has made gains on the ground. The Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday that its forces in eastern Ukraine had advanced to the border between Donetsk … Read more