Buffalo shooting: US President Joe Biden condemns racism, mourns new victims

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday condemned the poison of white supremacy and said the nation must “reject the lie” of the racist “placement theory” espoused by the shooter who murdered 10 black Americans in Buffalo. Speaking to victims’ families, local officials and first responders, Biden said America’s diversity is its strength and the nation … Read more

Siege of Azovstal steel plant ends with Mariupol fighters in Putin’s hands; Both Ukraine and Russia claim wins

Hundreds of Ukrainian fighters, including wounded men carried out on stretchers, left the vast steel plant in Mariupol where they mounted a dogged last stand and turned themselves over to Russian hands, signaling the beginning of the end of a siege that became a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance to Moscow’s invasion. Russia on Tuesday called … Read more

Somalia elects new President, but terrorists hold true power

In a fortified tent guarded by peacekeeping forces, hundreds of lawmakers elected a new president in Somalia on Sunday, capping a violent election season that threatened to push the Horn of Africa nation toward a breakdown. The selection of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a former president, in Mogadishu ended a bitter election period marred by corruption, … Read more

Explained: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years later

Okinawa on Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of its return to Japan on May 15, 1972, which ended 27 years of US after one of the bloodiest battles of World War II was fought on the southern Japanese island. The is being marked with more bitterness than joy in Okinawa, which is burdensome with a … Read more

The unlikely ascent of New York’s compost champion

There were good reasons Domingo Morales, a city kid from the Bronx, didn’t want to try his hand at urban farming. He was terrified of germs. He thought vegetables were disgusting. Plus, everyone knows the ground in New York City is shot through with lead. But Morales’ bosses in 2015 really wanted him to give … Read more

A battle over how to battle over Roe: Protests at justices’ homes fuel rancor

For the protesters chanting loudly outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, incivility was the point. They said they wanted to impinge on his privacy with picket signs and chants of “We will not go back!” to condemn the Supreme Court justice’s apparent support for ending the constitutional right to privacy that has guaranteed access to abortion … Read more

War and weather sent food prices soaring. Now, China’s harvest is uncertain

From village to village, the wheat crops in China have been inconsistent this season. One field on the flat plains east of Beijing was patchy, with knee-high emerald stalks in some spots while almost bald elsewhere, damaged by the torrential rains of the fall. The next village over, a luxurious wheat crop was thriving after … Read more

Long after blockade, Canada’s truckers have a political champion

Canadians were shocked when a group of truckers rolled their rigs into the nation’s capital earlier this year, paralysed the downtown area for weeks and demanded that the government lift all pandemic-related restrictions. The demonstrations spread to border crossings, forcing car manufacturing plants to shut down and disrupting billions of dollars in trade with the … Read more

Explained: What the coming to power of Bongbong, son of the infamous President Ferdinand Marcos, means for the Philippines and the region

Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the son and namesake of the ousted former dictator of the Philippines, has won the biggest ever landlide in the presidential elections of the country, marking an extraordinary full circle in its modern political history. “To the world: Judge me not by my ancestors, but by my actions,” Marcos Jr was quoted … Read more

Roe inspired worldwide, who may be rethinking strategy

The draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade that leaked last week is not yet final. But when the dust settles, American women may conclude that they had lost the right to abortion the same way that an Ernest Hemingway character said he had gone bankrupt: gradually, and then suddenly. If anything like the … Read more