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With so many gorgeous spots on the planet, an agreement on the top 10 natural wonders of the world is impossible. Natural wonder of the world – Meghalaya Double decker living root bridge It is our interpretation of the world’s natural wonders, which we believe symbolize the finest of what the world has to contribute. … Read more

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six months that looked the world

Tens of thousands of people have been killed, millions have fled and cities have been reduced to rubble by Russia’s relentless bombardment Six months ago this week, Vladimir Putin ordered tens of thousands of Russian troops into Ukraine on a “special military operation” – a mass invasion on a scale unseen in Europe since World … Read more

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What PM Modi gifted to world leaders during G7 meet | India News

NEW DELHI: During his two-day visit to Germany, Prime Minister Narendra Mod Not only met his counterparts from the United Kingdom, Japan and Italy, besides other world leaders, and exchanged views on a range of issues with them, but also gifted them a range of Indian artefacts, made in places across the country, from Jammu … Read more

Andy Murray interview: Amidst world ‘uncertainty,’ people like that they know what to expect at Wimbledon

After a controversial build-up, claims and counter-claims, Wimbledon is set to begin on Monday. The familiar sights of the perfectly-manicured lawns, players wearing pristine whites and spectators in their jackets and ties, sundresses and jumpsuits, Panama hats and sunglasses, may give an impression that it is business as usual at SW19. In truth, however, the … Read more

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A world apart, Lebanon and Sri Lanka share economic collapse

Lebanon and Sri Lanka may be a world apart, but they share a history of political turmoil and violence that led to the collapse of the once-prosperous family bedeviled by corruption, patronage, nepotism and incompetence. The toxic combinations led to disaster for both: currency collapse, shortages, triple-digit inflation and growing hunger. Snack queues for gas. … Read more