Road to 2024 | Brand Modi: Ahead of polls, a new package, a new lexicon

On the eighth anniversary of the Narendra Modi government, the BJP and the NDA government are embarking on hectic activities, most of which are aimed at putting the party firmly on the road to 2024. As a part of this journey, apart from the political activities of the party and the government, there’s a subtle … Read more

Poll promises in Yogi 2.0’s first Budget

Presenting the maiden budget after getting re-elected to power, the BJP government of Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday said that it has allotted Rs 54,883 crore to fulfill most of the poll promises made in the party’s Assembly election manifesto. It also said that Rs 39,181.10 crore has been provided in the budget … Read more

Nanda Gopal Gupta interview: ‘I told officers to act like luxury car sellers… Show intent, and they are after you to make that purchase… An industry shows interest, give your 100%’

As the Uttar Pradesh Infrastructure and Industrial Development Minister, Nanda Gopal Gupta finds himself holding one of the most crucial portfolios in the Yogi Adityanath-II government. On June 3, the CM and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for Rs 75,000 crore worth of projects, while the state has set a target … Read more

Social media posts to texts, why all parties love the sedition law

FROM AN editorial linked to a government hoarding to remarks against the Prime Minister in a pre-poll speech, from a video clip with disputed audio to a message on a housing society WhatsApp group — all of these have been booked for sedition under the draconian IPC section 124A for offences punishable with imprisonment upto … Read more

SP leaders, turncoats, wanted accused: This April, on Uttar Pradesh bulldozer list

While other BJP-ruled states and Delhi are emulating its example now, it was the Yogi Adityanath government that first adopted the bulldozer as a symbol of toughness on crime and criminals. In the recent elections, the Samajwadi Party’s bid to target the BJP over the razing of alleged illegal properties by coining the slogan ‘Bulldozer … Read more