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Advantages Of Chiku Cab



Delhi, the capital city of India, is famous for its population as well as tourism. On a daily basis, a huge number of tourists come to Delhi to explore the city which is a perfect blend of a city that is metropolitan and at the same time rich in culture and heritage. Because of the vastness in the area of ​​Delhi, the most preferred way to commute is by booking a cab service in Delhi. Like many other metro cities, there are a lot of taxi aggregator service providers in Delhi, but Chiku Cab stands out from all its other competitors for many reasons. In this article, let’s try to figure out the major reasons why Chiku Cab holds an upper advantage in the taxi aggregator service sector in Delhi.

Advantages of Chiku Cab

· Wide Range of Vehicles

The most basic reason for Chiku Cab to gain the top spot is because of the variety and numerous cars available in its fleet. Chiku Cab has vehicles of all types according to the requirement of the customers. We have hunchbacks, sedans, MUVs, SUVs, luxury cars, tempo travelers, as well as buses for our customers to choose from. You can choose the type of vehicle you need depending on the seating capacity, amenities required, distance to be traveled, comfort, and not to forget the budget. Chiku Cab is always there to host a taxi service in Delhi according to your need and requirement.

· Types of Rides

For the convenience of customers, Chiku Cab has segregated its commutes into three major types. The first is intra-city travel. Here, anyone can book a vehicle to travel within the city limits just like a normal cab, but with the difference that the cab provided by Chiku Cab will pick you up from your source point and drop you to your destination without you having to take any efforts of walking towards a taxi stand. The second type of ride available is inter-city travel, wherein you can book this type of cab to travel from Delhi to any other city just by clicking a few buttons on your smartphone. The last type of ride available with Chiku Cab is the shuttle of taxi service at Delhi airport. This service is unique and extremely helpful for passengers traveling by air to Delhi, who need to get to their destinations from the airport in the quickest time possible. This service helps the passengers save on time by not making them halt in the long queues of taxis at the airport. Apart from these three major types of rides, Chiku Cab also provides cars on contracts for employee transportation, luxury cars for events, and for many other reasons.

· Amenities Provided by Chiku Cab

All the vehicles provided by Chiku Cab are clean and safe. Chiku Cab provides only air-conditioned vehicles as of today in Delhi. Also, the drivers assigned to the ride are extremely polite, helpful, and well experienced in their job. All the cabs provided are well-maintained and underwent a 26-point maintenance check on a regular basis. The drivers provided are police-verified and have a commercial driving license on them which can be checked by the passengers at any given point of time during the ride. The cabs provided are comfortable with ample leg space along with enough boot space for luggage. All the vehicles provided by Chiku Cab are GPS enabled and can be tracked at any given point in time.

· Affordability

With all the features above, the biggest question or fear that arises is the question of affordability. Let us tell you, that Chiku Cab is extremely affordable to a common man and the rates can be compared to the normal taxis that ferry in the city. Also, Chiku Cab keeps running festive and other types of offers for its passengers so that they can save more on their commute.

· Pet-Friendly

Chiku Cab service is pet-friendly. This means that your domesticated pet animals can travel with you in a cab and you need not find an alternative mode of transport for them. All you need to do is inform the customer care service that your pet will be traveling with you at the time of booking, and our executives will make all proper arrangements for your fur friends to travel with you.

· Ease of Booking

Now, booking a cab with Chiku Cab is also an easy task. There are three ways in which you can book a taxi with Chiku Cab. First of all, you can download the Chiku Cab application on your Android or iOS smartphone for free and register yourself there. Post-registration, you can follow a few easy quick steps and your desired cab will be booked immediately. For the second option, you can visit our website,, and follow the same steps stated above and your booking will be done. For the technically not-so-savvy people, our third option comes in handy. All you need to do is call us at 844-844-5504 and our customer care executives will help you book the desired cab through a step-by-step process.

· Various modes of Payment

For the benefit of our customers, we have introduced numerous ways through which they can make their journey payments. Chiku Cab accepts cash (Indian currency only), debit cards, credit cards, UPI Payment Transfers, Net Banking Transfers, and now we even accept e-wallet money transfers. Chiku Cab is always trying to make your journey a hassle-free one by introducing various types of changes for your benefit.

· No Cancellation Fee

One more reason which makes Chiku Cab different from others is that Chiku Cab has a policy of zero cancellation fees. We do understand, that there can be times when you have to cancel your trip and at such times, we refund your booking charges into your Chiku Cab Wallet so that your money isn’t wasted but can be adjusted for your future upcoming trips. We even follow a transparent billing policy. According to this policy, we charge you only that amount which you are liable for and have confirmed at the time of booking. There are no surprise charges at the end of the journey which will pop up. The charges of Chiku Cab include the rent of the car, the fuel charges, and the driver charges. Apart from these, any other charges like inter-state tax and parking charges will have to be paid by the customer at actual.

· Safety Protocols followed against COVID 19

Chiku Cab is extremely careful while following the rules and regulations marked by the Indian Government and WHO in regards to the Corona Virus. All our vehicles are sanitized before and after every trip. Post every trip, the vehicles are given a small burn-out time in order to avoid any kind of cross-contamination. During the whole of the journey, all our drivers keep their face shields and face masks on and we even request all the passengers on the trip to keep their face masks on. We only provide those drivers who are double jabbed against the COVID 19 virus. Before the start of the journey, the drivers are thermal checked and their body temperature is noted and sent to you along with the details of the cab that you have booked. We have also started promoting digital payments in order to avoid the transfer of the virus through touch. Finally, as a matter of precaution, there is a sanitizer bottle available in all cabs which can be used by the passengers as and when needed.


The list of the benefits can go on and on, but the underlying fact remains the same. No one else provides cab service in Delhi as well as Chiku Cab. We assure you of a comfortable and luxurious journey always and promise you that our service will make you forget all the other taxi aggregator services you might have experienced before. Happy Traveling!

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