Rejecting ‘Love Letters’ to North Korea, Joe Biden offers carrots and sticks instead

Love letters are out. Military exercises are back. In his first visit to South Korea since taking office, President Joe Biden restored America’s strategy toward the Korean Peninsula to the traditional approach that prevailed before his predecessor upended generations of relations by romancing North Korea’s dictatorial. That means more deterrence, more collaboration with allies and … Read more

UPSC Ethics Simplified: What is Environmental Ethics?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that defines what is right and what is wrong. We follow ethics everywhere, we follow moral values ​​and code of conduct, and we are guided since birth by these to decide what is right and what is wrong. It is the desired behavior that is expected from us. Now, … Read more

Bush dynasty, its influence fading, pins hopes on one last stand in Texas

His famous name shadows George P. Bush, the only member of the dynastic political clan now in public office, as he enters the final days of an uphill campaign to unseat Texas’ attorney general. To some Texans, the Bush family name is a badge of integrity, harking back to a bygone era of rectitude and … Read more

Your victories are inspiring the generations for sports: PM Modi hails badminton champions

India oi-Prakash KL | Updated: Sunday, May 22, 2022, 11:41 [IST] New Delhi, May 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday interacted with the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup team of the badminton champions, who shared their experiences from the recent tournament while talking about different aspects of their game and life beyond badminton and … Read more

Interview: Microsoft’s Mary Jo Schrade on how businesses can thwart cybersecurity challenges

While the last two years of the pandemic have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies globally, it has also brought forth a new host of cybersecurity issues. Reports of ransomware attacks, data thefts, phishing attempts, etc, have showcased how vulnerable companies and users are to these threats. The most recent spate of high-profile attacks was … Read more

Armageddon Time, portrait of white privilege, stirs Cannes

“It’s my story, in a way,” said Gray. “And you guys shared it with me.” “It took every last bit of control not to burst out into tears,” Gray said, still recovering the next day in Cannes. “It’s been a really strange journey making the film and my father died two months ago of COVID. … Read more

The case of the two MSU protests, and the unending, 15-yr wait for a degree

AROUND THE same time as an annual exhibition by Masters students of the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) at MSU University, Baroda, was called off due to protests over one student’s presentation, another student of the university was sent to jail for non-appearance for a court hearing in a 2018 case, which itself was an … Read more