Stahl Versatil Multi-Pressure Cooker Review

Exploring the world of cooking comes with passion. Be it the cookware or the recipe – the search continues. Happy to share with you one such encounter in this exploration. Life gets easy with click of a button! Cooking gets easy with Versatil clasp on! Choosing the right cookware makes cooking hassle free and enjoyable. One such definite choice of mine is Stahl Versatil Multi Pressure Cooker!


I am very excited to share the review of one of my most favorite brand Stahl the 30+ year brand which excels in design, quality and user centric cookwares. I already have a collection of Stahl cookwares and the Xpress Cooker and I absolutely love using them in my kitchen.

About Versatil Cooker

The Versatil works as a pressure cooker, pan and serveware. It comes with a glass lid that can be used for cooking, steaming and serving. The pressure lid comes with a double safety mechanism to ensure the most enjoyable and safe cooking experience.

Versatil comes in 2 sizes : 3L which serves 2-3 and 5L serving 4-6. As the name Versatil – the cooker can be used for multipurpose which works as a pressure cooker, cookware and a serveware.

The Versatil Pressure Cooker is designed to be a product that is the future of pressure cooking. It comes with a clasp-on lid that is easy to operate and a breeze to cook with. Made with the finest quality triply, the pressure cooker is fast, safe and an absolute beauty.

This cooker is great to make rice, upma, curries, gravies, one pot dishes, soups, biryani, pulao and many more such dishes.

To buy:

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Why Stahl Versatil?

To be true I haven’t personally used any other clip on cookers but when this model was first introduced as usual I was just researching the model in shops / online though I had no idea of ​​buying it. That is when I had a have a glance of it in my neighbors house and came to know that she was not satisfied with the model. So when I got an opportunity to review Versatil I was a little hesitant but when they told me to write an honest review I readily accepted it.

There may be many of you with a question there are other clip on cookers available in the market Why Stahl? and here is the answer:


  • The main difference of this clasp on cooker comes in the lid. The Versatil clasp on lid is so smooth to operate which makes it stand a class part from other brands.
  • The pan is very elegant and classy looking also works perfectly as a cookware too. You can cook and serve it.
  • The cooker weight is placed away from the clasp arrangement in Stahl (left pic) which makes cooking mess free and go for years maintenance free. Other clip on options available in the market come with the weight on the clip-on lid(right pic) making the cooker messy, hard to maintain and clogs the mechanism within months of use.


The clasp on mechanism on the lid makes the lid a bit heavier however it is not a setback. Given the ease of the clasp on, the heaviness is not a factor to consider at all.

Versatil Cooker Features

  • Look : It is elegant and beautiful with a dull finish inside and mirror finish look on the exterior.
  • Size : I chose the 3L as it is the perfect size for everyday cooking of variety of dishes for my family.
  • Material: Made of the safest and most durable triply stainless steel so less sticking and no burning at the bottom.
  • Maintenance: The versatil pans are dishwasher friendly. The clasp on lid is very easy to clean and wash too.
  • Add ons: Versatil cooker comes with 2 lids the clasp on lid and glass lid. The lids are designed to fit both the 5 liter and 3 liter Versatil pans. The pans are perfectly curved with spill proof edges for clean and effortless all round pouring. The Versatil is fitted with bakelite handles on both sides. These are tested for their durability and are completely heat proof.


It comes well packed in a cardboard box with necessary safety measures. The glass lid is placed securely in the cooker and clasp on lid has a seperate cardbox inside. Even the cooker weight is placed seperately inside a small cardboard box.

For the first time use, rinse it well then wash in soap water atleast twice and wash it. Then dry it and and your cookware is all set for cooking.

Stahl Versatil CookerPin

The package includes a versatil pressure pan along with clasp on lid, glass lid and cooker weight. The pan has a beautiful dull finish inside and mirror finish look on the exterior with bakelit handles on both the sides. The glass lid has a steel rim on the edges and a bakelit on the top.

Stahl Versatil CookerPin

Sharmis Passions on Stahl

This was such a surprise for me to see Sharmis Passions beautifully engraved on the cooker. This is my first personalized piece of cookware that I have received. Thank you Stahl for this!

Stahl Versatil CookerPin

During my initial days when I started cooking I found cooker handling particularly opening and closing of the difficult lid and am sure everyone could have come experienced it. With this Stahl Versatil clasp on, beginners in cooking will feel cooking a breeze and joy.

Stahl Versatil CookerPin

Used for cooking, frying, steaming etc.


The cooker can be easily converted into a cookware by using the glass lid. I used it for making popcorn and as it has a heavy base it was perfect for popping corn. Deep frying can also be done as the base is flat the frying is even.

Stahl Versatil CookerPin


I used a small steel stand below, added water and placed my idli stand to steam idlis. I have been using it as a idiyappam, momos and kozhakattai steamer too.

Stahl Versatil CookerPin


Perfect for cooking rice dishes like biryani, pulao, one pot dishes or curries or gravies or everyday stir fries too.

Stahl Versatil CookerPin

Final word: I have been loving the cooker ever since I started using it. As it is a multicooker one piece of cookware is just enough in your kitchen to carry out all your basic cooking. Apart from its looks, ease of cooking I am pretty sure they will last a lifetime and a pure joy to use. So go ahead buy yours and happy cooking! Versatil Clasp on do not tug of war.

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