Rocketry The Nambi Effect Movie Review

critic’s rating: 4.0/5 Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is based on the life of famous Indian aerospace scientist Nambiar Narayanan. He was instrumental in developing the Vikas engine that was used for the first PSLV that India launched. As a senior official at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), he was … Read more

Shah Rukh Khan’s love story with India, decoded through his films

Shah Rukh Khan remains one of the few people in India who needs no introduction. The boy-next-door from Delhi who became a mega, mega star. The man who has reigned over Bollywood – the core of the country’s soft power – for decades now. The actor who has starred in self-reverential movies, and charmed us … Read more

Sathyaraj: I like Shah Rukh Khan and though my character in Chennai Express wasn’t great, I did it only for him – #BigInterview | Hindi Movie News

Sathyaraj or as most millennials and movie buffs refer to him, Kattappa from Baahubali has an astonishing story of achieving his dreams in the film industry. Believe it or not, he never wanted to be an actor, he was just content with working for films. But as destiny would have it, the acting talent was … Read more

#BigStory: Should celebs be more careful while choosing brand endorsements? | Hindi Movie News

Social media is a double-edged sword and Akshay Kumar learned it the hard way (once again) when his recent outing invited the ire of his own legion of fans who criticized him for endorsing a pan masala brand despite his own statement against the consumption of alcohol and tobacco products. Well, one wrong move and … Read more